What Is Shapewear? A Beginners Guide

What Is Shapewear? A Beginners Guide

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Shapewear is an average ladies' and at the same time, a celebrity stylist’s best-kept secret. Worn under any outfit, the no-show underwear enhances your natural assets, and expertly smooths the parts of your body you’d like to slim down to look next-level fierce.

You can guarantee that under any celebrity’s incredible red carpet or flawless photoshoot look, there’s a trusty shapewear garment underneath, working its magic to make everything on top of it look out of this world. Shapewear simply makes any body look smoother, sleeker and stunning.

Shapewear does not have to be worn by everyone, and it definitely does not mean you are not beautiful if you don't wear it, but it can defineitly help you out if you are in the market for it :)


Who knew your underwear could make you feel like a whole new person? No fad diets, no long workout regimes, and certainly no plastic surgery. Designed to work with your body, not against it, shapewear enhances what you already have, to make you feel like the best version of yourself. You’ll be amazed at the results - in your newly-discovered natural silhouette, and even more so in your confidence.


So, what is Shapewear?

Basically, shapewear is control underwear that goes under your regular clothes, and sits like a comfortable second skin. Simple, right? The effects are where the magic happens: choose just the right piece to compliment your outfit and body type and - pow! - you’ll look next-level amazing, immediately.


Shapewear can transform your body 

It’s all about picking the perfect piece for what you want to enhance, and pairing that with an outfit that makes you feel 100% sexy. For example, want to flatten a stomach? The Peachy Tummy Control Shaper will work under your clothes to suck in your core and cinch in the waist, while enhancing your hips - putting everything exactly where you want it. And keeping it there.

What can Shapewear do for me?

The possibilities are endless. Wear the Peachy Tummy Control Bodysuit under the outfits you already have to suck in your tummy, while enhancing the natural curves of your hips and bust to reveal your dream hourglass figure. Or, swap regular shapeless underwear for the Tummy Control Shaper Thong - which holds in your core with no panty line, whatever you’re wearing.


Enhancing your occasion wear

Ever admire a beautiful evening gown and think, “Looks amazing, but how the heck do you wear it?!” We’re looking at you, backless dresses. The answer, it turns out, is in shapewear designed exactly for the purpose. The Peachy Backless Bodyshaper combines totally seamless no-show underwear with tummy smoothing and an underwired push-up bra that for a perkier, lifted bust up to two sizes bigger - if that sounds stunning, wait until you see it on.

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  • I would feel more comfortable ordering your shapewear if your site offered a size guide.

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